Rondavel  Sessions

Learn more about our Rondavel Sessions from Scomis Live '19 by following the link below to our new dedicated pages. View our case studies to hear how other senior school leaders have addressed critical challenges within their schools using systems they already have. You can also find a list of quick fixes that can put key data at your fingertips via our FAQs.

Rondavel 1 – Effective Primary School Leadership


Can you easily provide your staff and Governors with key data to improve pupil outcomes and drive School Improvement?  

Rondavel 2 – Effective Secondary School Leadership

How will you evidence that you are starting to think about how your curriculum will meet Ofsted's new terms of 'Intent, Implementation and Impact' from September 2019 as described in the proposed revisions to the Inspection Framework? 

Rondavel 3 - Effective Real Time Access to Key Performance Indicators - to identify early interventions


Can you monitor what's happening across your school with key performance data in real time and identify early interventions?  

Rondavel 4  - Effective Classroom Management - management of pupil data

Can you easily and efficiently share key assessment and pastoral data across your school without additional investment whilst improving work load balance for staff?

Rondavel 5 – Effective Management of SEND – supporting pupil progress with timely interventions


Can you quickly interrogate key information about each pupil to demonstrate how resources are being deployed to ensure the intervention strategies you have in place are effective and successful?

Rondavel 6 – Effective Engagement and Communication


Are you struggling to engage with parents/carers?