Parallel Sessions

 Parallel Sessions include: 

  • Best practice Rondavels led by senior school leaders to help you address your key challenges and get the most from what you already have in school; 

  • Classroom experiences led by Google and Microsoft to help you explore Cloud-based technologies for teaching and learning;

  • Strategic presentations delivered by senior leaders from Capita, Groupcall, Redstor and Scomis;

  • Hands on, interactive workshops led by FabLab in digital making techniques;

  • An exhibition comprising of key educational providers.

Rondavel Sessions
Click on the links below to hear how other senior school leaders have addressed critical challenges within their schools using systems they already have. 

Rondavel 1 – Effective Primary School Leadership  


Can you easily provide your staff and Governors with key data to improve pupil outcomes and drive School Improvement?  

Rondavel 2 – Effective Secondary School Leadership 


How will you evidence that you are starting to think about how your curriculum will meet Ofsted's new terms of 'Intent, Implementation and Impact' from September 2019 as described in the proposed revisions to the Inspection Framework?  

Rondavel 3 - Effective Real Time Access to Key Performance Indicators


Can you monitor what's happening across your school with key performance data in real time and identify early interventions?   

Rondavel 4  - Effective Classroom Management - management of pupil data

Can you easily and efficiently share key assessment and pastoral data across your school without additional investment whilst improving work load balance for staff?   

Rondavel 5 – Effective Management of SEND - supporting pupil progress with timely intervention 


Can you quickly interrogate key information about each pupil to demonstrate how resources are being deployed to ensure the intervention strategies you have in place are effective and successful?   

Rondavel 6 – Effective Engagement and Communication  


Are you struggling to engage with parents/carers?  


Can you collect and maintain current data about your children without increasing the burden on your administrative staff and budget? 

Google and Microsoft Classroom Sessions

Google and Microsoft delivered interactive classroom sessions throughout the event where delegates explored how the power of cloud computing can transform teaching and learning across your community and assess for yourself the benefits these modern teaching tools will bring to your school.  We know not everyone was able to attend one of these sessions so we have created a FAQ sheet to demystify the cloud. If you want to find out more about how cloud services can enhance your teaching and learning, the next steps, or to check you are getting the most out of your existing services, Contact your Scomis Account manager (email

Strategic Partner Presentations


Encouraging our customers to be extraordinary through working together

Capita believe in the power of education.  Educational software solutions, key partnerships and your relentless commitment help ensure every student has the best opportunity to succeed.  This session will focus on how schools can use their resources, software and partners to improve decision making, simplify communication, reduce workload and raise standards in teaching and learning.



Encouraging our customers to Build Bridges with Education Data

How can schools effectively pull together the vast amounts of data that is out there, battle through the noise, and use it to support their most vulnerable children? The current data landscape in education provides us with many complexities to address to find solutions for improvement, but also great opportunity to make the lives of vulnerable young people better.

During this presentation, we will explore how joining up data from multiple agencies and technology partners alongside education data is not only very achievable – it can drastically improve the process of supporting the most vulnerable children in our education system. 




Empowering our customers to be extraordinary through pioneering data management strategies 


Brian Evans is Redstor’s Business Manager. He has been with Redstor for 16 years and has extensive public sector knowledge, having worked with many of Redstor’s key partners, local authorities and academy trusts  in the education sector. 

Brian’s responsibilities include actively engaging with new organisations and managing key customers to ensure they are seeing true value from Redstor services. With a wealth of data management and protection expertise, Brian assists organisations in utilising Redstor’s pioneering solutions to facilitate digital transformation, drive efficiencies via cloud adoption and to assist with challenges created by managing large, complex and highly sensitive data sets. 



Empowering our Customers through Continual Service Improvement

Our purpose at Scomis is to deliver innovative, high quality ICT services that add value and matter to our customers.  

In this session, Debbie will talk about our ongoing journey of continual service improvement and how we will respond to your changing needs and expectations in order to continue to challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible customer experience. Debbie will talk to you about our strategic direction of travel by sharing with you some highlights from our Business Plan for 2019-21 and some tangible examples of how we are putting this into practice.


FabLab offered a series of workshops at the event, which included 3D Scanning, Makey Makey Orchestra's and Arcades.


FabLab is an open access community creative space offering digital and design equipment for anybody to use, invent and make almost anything.


Our two FabLabs, located in Exeter and Barnstaple Library, offer everything from 3D printers and scanners to laser and vinyl cutters, laptops and design software and much more.


FabLab Exeter and FabLab Barnstaple offer a range of workshops and events for people of all ages.


FabLabs provide a welcoming, innovative and stimulating space for everyone to learn and get creative.

For makers and businesses looking to use the FabLab regularly there is a FabLab membership, which includes full training on all equipment, which can then be hired at hourly rates during opening times.


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